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Here you can read online calss Notes of number of subject of all Computer Science courses and aslo generla subject. You can share these Notes with others. Click on any of the category and read and download. Also you can learn more by reading or watching our tutorials.

Notes of Web Technology / HTML

In this section you can Read and Download the Notes of Web Technology / HTML. HTML is a markup language for creating web pages. HTML is abbreviated from Hyper Text Markup Language, where markup language is a set of markup tags. These tags tell the browser how to display the text. With the help of these notes you can easily understand the HTML Tags and there uses.

Notes of Pathology

These Notes are design for The MSc student. If you want to looking for Pathology Notes then you can read and download these notes. If you like these please share with your friends.

Notes of Operating System For DIT

These Notes Speciealy design for Diploma level students. These notes also help full for any kind of student who are serching for Operating System Notes. These Notes consist on General Operatiing System, Windows 7, Windows 2008 Server and Linux Commands. Read and Share with your friends.

Notes of economics Chapter-1

These notes specially design for Student of BBA . In these notes the different topics of Economics are discuses. Specially for those Student who are seeking for Economics Notes for preferring exam .

Educational Psychology and Guidance (6501)

Assignment of Allama Iqbal Open University
Course: Educational Psychology and Guidance (6501)
Semester: Spring, 2021
Level: M.Ed./M.A
Assignment No. 2

FSc Part 2nd Physics Solved Exercises Chapter 5

In This Document you will find the Solved Exercises of Physics for Part 2nd FSc. Read and Download This Document . Must Share if You Like This Document.

Notes of English For FA/Fsc Part 1st (Section-B)

These notes are design for FA/FSc Part 1st student who are learning in English medium schools or Urdu Medium Both. These notes are prepared from English class book .In these Notes you can find All the Answer question, Explanation with reference to the context, Paraphrase, Short Answer, Translate in to Urdu, and All Exercise are solved. Read and download these notes and share with your friends.