Model Paper D.Com / DBA Part -II

Model Paper English

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board Of Technical Education Peshawar

D.Com / DBA Part –II (New Revised Course)

Model Paper English

Time Allowed:3 Hours

Total Marks: 100

Note: - This paper consists of three sections A, B and C. Attempt Section A on the same question paper and return it to the Centre Supdt with in the given time, No marks will be awarded for Cutting, overwriting and use of pencil is not allowed.

Time Allowed:30 Minutes Section – A

Marks: - 20

Q.1: -               Four options are given. Select the correct option (A,B,C,D) whichever is correct and

                        write in the given box.                                                                                                

  1. Muhammad (SAW) led the pilgrims from Makkah through the valley of _________ .
    a)Uranah b) Mina                        c) Arafat          d) None of them
  2. The time for healing of the wounds has ______________.
    a)Gone b) Ended                      c) Come           d) Started
  3. The battle of ____________ is an important battle in the history of Islam.
    a)Muslims b) Uhed                       c) Arab            d) Quraish
  4. "A man should never leave his _____________ .
    a)Post b) duty                        c) work            d) services
  5. The poem "IF" has been written by __________.
    a)Rudyard Kiplings b)Langston Hughes c)Stephen Crane d) William Blake
  6. ________ is not an end, but a beginning.
    a) 1962     b) 1963   c) 1964   d) none of them
  7. Not least among them is my ___________ Deputy president, the honorable Klerk.
    a) first b) second                     c) third            d) forth
  8. Roebling could not ________ the vision of the bridge he had in his mind.  
    a)Accept b) refers                       c) Ignore          d) Reject
  9. "Crazy men and their crazy __________ .
    a)Thoughts b) vision                      c) dreams         d) habits
  10. It was a fine _____________ day, brilliant with sunlight.
    a)March b) June                         c) September   d) December
  11. In ___________ this hamlet of ten or twelve houses had three inhabitants.
    a)1911 b) 1912                        c) 1913            d) none of them
  12. The poem "It couldn’t be done" has been written by ___________.
    a)Gabriel Okara b) William Blake         c) Edward Guest d) none of them
  13. _____________ of all kinds will be unearthed.
    a)Minerals b) people                     c) taken out       d) metals
  14. World's population comprises of more than _____________ women.
    a)30% b) 40%                         c) 50%               d) 60%
  15. There are _______________ sites at taxila, which became an important center of Buddhism.
                       a) One                         b) Two             c) Three d) Four
  16. By the end of the ____________ century, the last of the crusades in the Middle East was over.
                            a) thirteen        b) fourteen      c) fifteen  d) eleventh
  17. Man has been ____________ the forces of nature continuously.
    a)Keeping b) capturing                 c) guiding         d) harnessing  
  18. Shylock, the Jew, lived at _______________.
    a)France b) Italy            c) Venice         d) Germany
  19. The lesson "The Man who planted Trees" has been written by
    a)Jean Giono b) Herbert Feldman c) Nelson Mandela d) Grace Ciavarella
  20. Lear, King of Britain, had ___________ daughters.
    a) Two b) Three                       c) Four             d) Five

Model Paper D.Com / DBA Part -II

Model Paper English

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board Of Technical Education Peshawar

D.Com / DBA Part –II (New Revised Course)

Model Paper English

Time Allowed:2 Hour 30 Minutes Section – B

Marks: - 40

Q.No.2: - Answer any eight of the following questions. Q.No.(i) & (ii) are compulsory. All

questions carry equal marks.

i) Explain the following with reference to the context.

I dream a world where all

Will know sweet freedom’s way

Where good no longer saps the soul

Nor avarice blights our day.

ii) Paraphrase the following lines.

So show me, son,

How to laugh; show me how

I used to laugh and smile

Once upon a time when I was like you.

iii) What did the Holy Prophet (SAW) instruct the people with regard to their women?

iv) When and where did M.A Jinnah deliver his speech?

v) Why did artists flourish in Florence?

vi) What is the importance of Taxila as an archeological sites?

vii) What is the status of women in Islam?

viii) What was the shepherd doing when Gione met him the second time?

ix) Dr King speaks repeatedly of his dream. What is his dream?

x) What emancipation and liberation is Nelson Mandela speaking about?

Section – C Marks: - 40

Note: - Attempt any four questions. All the questions carry equal marks.

Q.No.3: - Write an essay on “Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)”. (10)

Q.No.4: - Write character sketch of “Portia”. (10)

Q.No.5: - Write summary of Archaelogical treasures of Pakistan. (10)

Q.No.6: - Define demonstrative, Indefinite, and Distributive pronouns? Give two examples of each. (10)

Q.No.7: - What do you know about classes of Adjective? Elaborate your answers with examples. (10)

Q.No.8: a) Change the narration of any five of the following sentences. (05)

i. The teacher advised the students to open their books.

ii. She says to me, “can you help me”?

iii. They said to us, “ Did you play hockey”?

iv. I said to them “Let us stay house till the rain stops”.

v. My mother said, “May you live long!”.

vi. Do you like this shirt? He asked.

vii. He said, “I lived here”.

b) Use the following pair of words in your own sentences to clear their meanings. (05)

a) There, there b) Bore, Boar

c) Accept, except d) Principal, Principle

e) Meet, Meat

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