Privious Exam Paper of DAE

Exam Paper of Building Economics & Management / Safety Practice

Khyber PakhtunKhwa Board of Technical Education Peshawar

Diploma of Associate Engineer

3rd Year Architecture Technology (New Course)

Annual Examination 2012

Paper: - Building Economics & Management / Safety Practice (AR- 312)


Time Allowed: - 03 Hours. Marks: -100

Note: - Attempt any five questions. Three from Part – A and two from Part – B. All

questions carries equal marks.


( Part – A)


Q.1: - Define building Economics? Explain the space utilization of the building economically.


Q.2: -  Explain the Economy of building during construction.


Q.3: - Explain the working of an Architectural office. 

Q.4: - Define “Contract”. Explain the contract documents.


Q.5: - Explain the “Powers & Limitations” of an Architect.


( Part – B )


Q.6: - Define Accidents. Explain types of accidents and causes of accidents.

Q.7: - Safety precautions while using Ladder.

Q.8: - State the common “Fire Hazards”. Explain the method of “Fire Prevention”.