Privious Exam Paper of DAE

Structure Mechanics & R.C.C Design-A

Khyber PakhtunKhwa Board of Technical Education Peshawar

Diploma of Associate Engineer

2nd Year Architecture Technology (New Course)

Annual Examination 2012

Paper: - Structure Mechanics & R.C.C Design (AR-214)

Paper – A


Time Allowed: - 03 Hours. Marks: -75

Note: - Attempt any five questions. Each question carries equal marks.

Q.1: - (a) Explain modules of elasticity and give value for modules of elasticity for steel. (5)

(b) Draw stress –strain diagram for Mild steel and Define (10)

  1. i) Proportional Limit ii) Elastic Limit iii) Yield point
  2. iv) Ultimate Strength v) Rupture strength and actual rupture strength


Q.2: - (a) State the difference between Stress & Simple Stress. (5)

(b) An elastic rod 15 mm in diameter & 20 m long extend by 2mm under a Tensile load of 60 KN.

Find the Intensity of stress & strain. (10)


Q.3: - (a) Describe the difference between Centre of Gravity and Centroid. (5)

(b) Find the position of centre of Gravity for a T-Section, 200 mm wide x 100 mm deep. (10)

Overall Thickness of Flange = 9mm

Thickness of Web = 7.8mm

Q.4: - (a) Explain the term moment of Inertia. (5)

(b) Find the moment of Inertia for a hollow shaft 8 cm internal diameter and 10cm external

diameter (10)

  1. about its diameter
  2. section modules


Q.5: - (a) Define Shear Force & Shear Stress (5+5+5)

(b) Define Bending stress & bending moment

(c) Define Centilever beam & continuous beam

Q.6: - (a) A simply supported beam of 10m length carrier a U.D.L of 3 t/m over the entire span.

Calculate and draw the S.F and B.M diagram. (10)

(b) State conditions for Equilibrium of a beam. (5)

Q.7: - (a) Define Deflection of beams. (5)

(b) A cantilever 12cm wide and 20cm deep is 2.5m long, what U.D.L should the beam

carry to produce a deflection of 0.5cm at the free end. Take E = 2x106 Kg/cm2 (10)

Q.8: - Write note on the following terms: - (5+5+5)

  1. a) Modules of Rigidity & poisons Ratio
  2. b) Bending Equations
  3. c) Applied Mechanics and Structural Mechanics