Privious Exam Paper of DAE

Exam Paper of Architectural Drawing & Design

Khyber PakhtunKhwa Board of Technical Education Peshawar

Diploma of Associate Engineer

3rd Year Architecture Technology (New Course)

Annual Examination 2012

Paper: - Architectural Drawing & Design (AR-324)



Time Allowed: -  03 Hrs. Marks: - 100


Note: - Attempt any Five questions. All questions carry equal marks.


Q.1: - Explain the method of selecting a site for a residential building.

Q.2: - State the types of a hostel and design a hostel building.

Q.3: - What is the purpose of an educational building? Describe the activities with reference to

the types of an educational building.

Q.4: - Identify the activities of a religious building.

Q.5: - Explain the categories of a hotel building and determine the sizes of different activities.

Q.6: - Describe the types of a hospital and design a hospital building.

Q.7: - Explain the function of a Theatre” and interrelate the activities of a theatre.

Q.8: - State the categories of “Flats” and determine the sizes of different areas of flat.