Admission Sample Test for Cadet College

Read these instruction care fully and then attempt the question:
1- Write your ROLL NO , Name, Father Name and Centre in the spaces provided on the right column only.
2- Do not write any other detailes about your self in this sheet.
3- Solve the qustion with dark blue or black ink.
4- Answer all questions. [Total Time: 3 hours] Write your answers in the spaces provided on this Question Booklet.
5- The number of marks is given in brackets [ ] at the end of each question or a part question. Do not write in any of shapes given below anywhere in this booklet. These are for Examiners’ use.

Entry Test Class 8th & O-Level

Roll No.---------------------------------------------
Invigilator’s sign:----------------------------------
Father’s Name:------------------------------------

Use Last Page for Rough Work

Section A (Mathematics)

Total marks [50]

Q.No.1. The formula F = shows the relationshipbetween the temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit (F) and Centigrade (C).
Find, (a). F When C = 40
(b). C When F = 100 (c).
(C) At what temperature both scales show same value (10)
Q.No.2. Quadrants of radius 10 cm are cut from each corner of the square ABCD to leave the figure shaded in the diagram. Taking π to be 3.14, find
(a). the total area of 4 quadrants
(b). the area of the shaded region,
(c). the perimeter of the shaded region. (10)

Q.No.3. (a). The sum of three consecutive even numbers is 306. Find the numbers using algebraic equation. (5)
b). Convert 50000 mm2 to m2. Also, write the number of litres 50000 cm3 make. (5)
Q.No.4. A company sold 20% more houses in year 2011 than it did in 2010. If it sold 426 houses in 2011, calculate how many houses it sold in year 2010. If sale price of each house being PRs. 2000000 in both the years then find the more money the company earned in year 2011 than 2010. (10)
Q.No.5. Construct a parallelogram PQRS if mPQ = 7.5cm , m < Q = 1200 and mQR = 5.5cm . Construct angle with the help of compass. Steps of construction are not required. (10)

Section B - I.Q-Test & General Awareness

Circle the correct answer in each case. (20)
1- What number replace the replaces the question mark?
A. 9 B. 13
C. 7 D. 8

2. What number replaces the question mark?
A. 15 B. 19 C. 21 D. 23

3. What number replaces the question mark?
A. 8 B. 5 C. 7 D. 6

4. What is the missing number in the pattern below?

A. 12 B. 13 C. 11 D. 14

5. Find the missing digit;

A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4

6. What is the missing letter in the series? P , N , K , G , ?
(A) B (B.) D (C.) E (D.) C

7. Three wheels are connected with belts and wheel X rotates clockwise with a constant speed. How does wheel Y turn?
A. Clockwise with same speed as X
B. Anticlockwise slower than X
C. Clockwise faster than X
D. Anticlockwise slower than X

8. As ‘apple’ is to ‘Leap’ like ‘Orange’ is to ‘Geor’. Then ‘Memory’ is to ?
A. Ryme B. Mery C. Ryem D. Meyr

9. If it is 5 O’clock on your clock then 10. Which is the missing section? what is the angle between hour hand and minute hand?
A. 1800 B. 1200 C. 1500 D. 900


Q. Very briefly (only 1 mark for each) answer the following questions in given space in front. (20)
1. UPS in electricity stands for ----------------------
2. How many Alphabets are in Standard English language.----------------
3. ISPR is abbreviation for ------------------------
4.Name the control pedal, which is not required in vehicles with Auto Transmission.
5.Who is junior in Air force ranks, a Squadron Leader or a Group Captain.
6.Has any Pakistani nationals ever reached the summit of Mount Everest.
7.In how many days Earth completes one revolution around the Sun.
8. Write name of any noble gas
9.A magnet can attract the objects made of iron, nickel and
10. How many seconds light will take to reach from Earth to Sun.
11. Name colours on the two ends of hite light spectrum.
12.What falling object is said to have inspired Isaac Newton's law about gravity?
13. In which direction (North, South, East, West) generally rivers flow in Pakistan.
14. What (out of Earth, Moon, and Sun) cannot be in between other two, for an eclipse seen from earth.
15. Is Ice less dense than water?
16.CNIC stands is for issued by NADRA, what CNIC
17. Which vegetable causes tears in eyes when cut.
18. SIM (for cell phone) is an abbreviation of
19. When is Christmas Eve celebrated
20. In computers’ data, “MB” stands for?

Section C (English) Total marks (50)

Q.1. Write down form of verb of the nouns and use the form of verb in a meaningful sentence. (10)

Noun Verb Sentences
(i) Beauty --------------- ------------------------------------
(ii) Horror --------------- ------------------------------------
(iii) Approval --------------- ------------------------------------
(iv) Inspection --------------- ------------------------------------
(v) Care --------------- ------------------------------------

Q.2. Do as directed. (5)
i). They say, “we shall plan a trip to northern areas.” (Change narration)
ii). Rashid is senior than me. (Correct it)
iii). Are these computers sold by him? (Change the voice)
iv). I have seen this image before. (Which category of pronoun “this” belong to?)
v). Birds of a group flock together. (Correct the proverb)
Q.3. Provide the missing letters in the following words. [5]
(i) Quarr___l (ii) Reb____l (iii) Scar____ity
(iv) Uncon____ious (v) Posse_____ion
Q.4. Read the given passage and answer the questions.(8)

Helicopters are very different from airplanes. First, when airplanes move upward, they must also move forward, but helicopters can move straight up without moving ahead. Second, helicopters can fly backward, which airplanes cannot do. Third, helicopters can use their rotors to hover in the air which is impossible for planes. Because helicopters can perform actions that airplanes cannot, they are used for different tasks. Since helicopters can take off without moving forward, they do not need a runway for takeoff. They are used in congested areas where there is no room for airplanes or in isolated areas which do not have airports. Because they can hover, they are used on firefighting missions to drop water on fires. Helicopters are used as air ambulances to airlift patients out of situations which are difficult to reach by conventional ambulances.

Questions 1. Why don’t helicopters need runways?
2. How are helicopters used as ambulances?
3. Why are helicopters helpful in firefighting?
4. What does the word ‘hover’ in the passage means?
5. Give antonym of the word ‘congested’
Q.5. Translate the following sentences into English(10
Q.6. Write a composition in the space provided below on any ONE of the following topics. (12)
(i) Not failure, but low aim is crime
(ii) What Would You Change in Your Country?
(iii) Write a story with the start “Anderson jumped out of the rocket. He was on the soil of another planet ...............”

حصہ اسلامیات (کل نمبر 10)

1. Write Translation of any One surah “Al-Feil” or “Al-Falaq”. (3)

سورۃ فیل یا سورۃ فلق کا ترجمعہ لیکھیں

2. What is the number of Zakāt (Charity) in pillars of Islam? Write its two benefits.(2)

زکاۃ اسلام کا کون سا رکن ہے۔ اسکے دو فائدے لکھیں؟

3. ideal Write life. briefly two aspects of the Holy Prophet’s (pbuh) [2]

حضور اکرم( ص) اسوہحسنہ کے کو ئی دو پہلئوں کا مختصر زکر کریں؟

4. What do Muslims learn from the battle of “Uhad”. [2]

مسلمانوں نے غزوہ احد سے کیا سبق سیکھا؟

5. Write any one condition of Treaty of Hudaybiyyah [1]

صلح حدیبیہ کے کو ئی ایک شرط لکھیں؟

سوال نمبر 3 : دیے گئے پیراگراف کو پڑھیں اور اس میں سےکو ئیسے تیناسمِ معرفہ، تین اسمِ نکرہ، د وحروف اور د وافعال مختص جگہوں پر لکھیں ۔ 10

اب یہ تو دا ہی کو پتا ہو گا کہ منشی جی کس نسل اور کس ذات کے تھے لیکن وہ خود اپنے آپ کو مغل بتاتے تھے اور کہتےتھے کہ دنیا میں صرف دو ہی آدمی ایسے رہ گئے جن کی رگوں میں مغلوں کا خالص خون دو ڑرہا ہے ۔ ایک تو قصبہ فتح پور کے جاگیردار نواز مرزا جہاں دار اور دوسرے خود منشی منطقی ، نواب صا ب حب خاندان مغلیہ کا آخی چراغ کہلاتے تھےاس لیے لوگوں نے منشی منطقی کا لقب دہلی میں خاندانِ ری موم بتی رکھ دیا تھا۔

اسم معرفہ ------------------------------
اسمِ نکرہ -----------------------------------
حرف -------------------------------------------
فعل ---------------------------------------------
( 12 ) کسی ا یک موضوع پر دی گئی جگہ پر ا ک ی جامع مضمون لکھیں۔:سوال نمبر 4
(1) ترقی کی رفتار
(2) فیشن کی غلامی
(3) میں شکر ادا کرتا ہوں کہ -----------
6- عبارت میں آپ کے لیے کیا سبق موجود ہے؟
سوالنمبر 2- دیے گئے اشعار میں سے کسی ایک کی تشریح کریں۔
یابطل سے دبنے والے اے آسماں نہیں ہم
سوبار کر چکا ہے تو ا متحا ں ہمارا

جہاں تازہ کی افکار تازہ سے ہے نمود
کہ سنگ و خشت سے ہوتے نہیں جہاں پیدا

حصہ اردو کل نمبر 50

سوال نبمر 1- درج زیل عبارت کو پڑھ کر آخمیں دیے گئے سوالات کے جواب ا پنےالفاظ میں تحریر کریں

" میں اکثر اسلم سے کہتا رہتا کہ امتحان کے دن قریب ہیں جم کر محنت کرو ورنہ پچھتاو گے اور خاندان کی عزت پر حرف آئے گا۔ اس نے میری ایک نہ سنی اور اپنی آوارہ گردی میں مشغول رہا۔امتحان قریب آتے ہی اس کا جی چھوٹ گیا مشکل پرچے دیکھ کر ہاتھ یا وں پھول گئے جب رزلٹ آیا تو ہم سارے شرم کے مارے زمین میں گڑ گئے۔ میں نے جب اسے بلایا تو ی اتو اس کے چہرے پر حسرت ب ترس رہی تھی

1- عبارت سے یا نچ محاورے چن کر اپنے جملوں میں استعمال کریں۔
2- اسلم کا نتیجہ کیا نکلا؟
3۔ اسلم کے چہرے پر حسرت کیوں ب ترس رہی تھی
4۔ سب کو کیؤں شم سار ہونا پڑا۔
5۔ اسلم کو کیا نصیحت کی گئی تھی

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