Changing The Color Of Eyes In Adobe Photoshop

In photo shop there is many way to change the color of eye lens. hare we discus the vary simple way in which you can change the color taking few easy step
Open the image in Photoshop that you want to change the eye color on. Read More....

How we Write Excel Formulas

In this tutorials we discuses the general formula. Basically general formula is user define formula which is collection of cell references , values , and arithmetic operator. When you enter formulas into your Excel worksheet, the formulas can calculate automatically.

Select Command

In This Tutorial We Learn About Select Command. Select Command Is Used To Retrieve The Data Form SQL Database And Return A Set Of Record In Shape Of Table. Select Command Is Used With FROM Keyword Read More About Select Command In This Tutorial


In This Tutorial We Will Learn About INSERT INTO Command In SQL . In SQL INSERT INTO Command Add The New Record (Row) In A Table. You Can Insert The Data With The Help Of INSERT INTO Command In Two Ways. Read More About INSERT INTO Command In This Tutorial.

Printf Function In C Language

In this tutorial you can learn about Printf Function and its uses in C Language. This tutorial is very use full for beginner students. Read more ....................

Hyperlinks in MS Word 2007

In this tutorials we learn about Hyper Link in MS Word and How we insert The Hyperlink in MS Word 2007. But first we little define the Hyperlink . Basically a hyperlink is Text or Any object which are linked to an other document or an other portion of same document. Read More About This Topic In This Tutorial.

strpos function in PHP

In This Tutorial We Learn About Strpos ( ) In PHP. The Strpos ( ) Function In PHP Search The A String In Given Text. Strpos Function Return The Location Of The String In Integer Value. If String Not Found It Return False Other Wise Return A Number.Read More------

Body Tag in HTML

The ≪Body≫ Tag Defines The Main Body Of Your Document In Which You Placed All The Content For Example Text, Hyperlinks, Images, Tables, Lists, Etc. ≪Body≫ Element Have Number Of Attribute Which Control The Overall Document Appearance. Read More In This Tutorial.

Create an Action in Adobe Photoshop

When we perform some set of instruction in Photoshop again and again in same way then this is the best way that we create an action. store the set of instruction and call back when you need. In action the step you perform recorded and we can use these step again by pressing one single key in future.