HTML Primary Tags

4 Primary Tags In HTML

When you want to to build any web page you will need four primary tags: <html>, <head>, <title> and <body>.

 These are all container tags the ( a container tag is the one which has to be closed ) and must appear as pairs with a beginning and an ending. These tags are:

<html> </html> Tag

The <HTML> tag is very starting element of the HTML page which is indicate that every thing in between <HTML> and </HTML> are HTML code and also indicate the browser that this is an html file.

<head> </head> Tag

The <head> tag is basically container tag which contain some informational tag for browser and Search engine. For example <Title> tag which is not only display on the title bar as title of page also tell to search engine that what is in this page. Head tag also contain some more information about the author, copyright, keywords etc.

<title> </title> Tag

<Title> is part of the Head tag . This is written between <Head> and </Head> tag. Title tag is a descriptive tag, it defines the title of the document and also Title tags tell search engines what your page is about. Every thing in title tag is appear on the title bar. The maximum length of your title must between 20 words. The title appears at the very top of the browser page on the title bar.

<body> </body> Tag

Body tag contain actual contents which are display in your browser. For example your text, images, links, tables etc. This tag is placed after the Head tag. this tag is also have closing tag which is place just before </HTML> tag.