Windows Short Cut Keys

In this Tutorial we learn about some very important short cut key which help us to control the computer with keyboard.
Let's start form Number 1:

Quickly minimize all the open application

Window + D key

With this combination we quickly minimize all the open application and show the desktop. When we press again the application are restore.

Create new fresh virtual Desktop

CTRl + Window + D key

With this combination we can create new fresh virtual Desktop (only Work in Window 10)

Quick access to windows explorer.

Window + E Key

This combination is quick access to windows explorer.

Open windows mobility center

Window + X key

This brings the windows mobility center. You can control Brightness, Volume, Control wireless network and many other things.

Quickly Lock the Computer

Window +L key

This Key Quickly Lock the Computer. If you want to leave your computer and not enough time to logoff or shutdown the computer by pressing this combination your computer will be locked. Now if you log in again then give the password and login.

open the Easy access

Window + U key

This key open the Easy access bar in window

Accessing RUN Mode In Window

Window +R key

With the help of this combination you can quickly access the Run window and execute different command and programs from this window.

Open Program from Task Manager

Window + Number keys (1 ,2,3….)

This will be open the program from Task Manager. For example window+1 open the first program from task manager.

Open the Windows Properties

Windows Key + Break

This combination open the windows properties. In many Laptop Break key name is Pause Key and access with function button so in laptop you may be press window Key + Function Key and Then Pause Key.

Switch between Open programs

Alt + Esc

This will help to  Switch between programs in order they were opened. If you have many program open then if you want to switch between these program then you can press ALT key + Esc Key. You also do this by pressing ALT + Tab key.

Open Command Box (Command Menue)

Alt + Spacebar

 Open menu (command Box )for active program. Command box contain the different command like that minimize the window, Max The windows, Move the Window, Cloese the Window of open program ect.

Share The Screen by Two Program

Window Key +Left Arrow Or Right Arrow

This Key is use when you want , your two open program share the screen half  and half. You can do that with the following two steps:

  1. Open the First program and press window +Left Arrow Key
  2. Open The Second Program and Press Window Key + Right Arrow key

Open On Screen Keyboard

You can open on screen keyboard . for this purpose press window+ R key and type OSK in Run mode and press Enter key.