C++ Programming

Class and Object in C++

The classes are the most important feature of C++ that leads to Object Oriented programming. Class is a user defined data type, which holds its own data members and member functions, which can be accessed and used by creating instance of that class.

A class provides the blueprints for objects, so basically an object is created from a class. We declare objects of a class with exactly the same sort of declaration that we declare variables of basic types. Following statements declare two objects

 First we create a class which store the name string data type, marks integer data type, result as string and grade as string.

class student
		string sname;// name of the student
		int marks;   // marks of students
		string result;  // students result

In the above class student  we declare three variables which store the information of about the student.

Now we declare the object of that class.

Student   info;
// Declare a object variable info of student class
// (where student is class / user define data type)

Now we write a complete program:

using namespace std;
class student
      string sname;   // name of the student
      int marks;  // marks of students
      string result; // students result

int main()
   student info;// object of class student
   // get the information 	
   cout<<"Enter the Student name"<<endl;
   cout<<"Enter The Marks of student"<<endl;
  // dipslay the information on screen 
   cout << "Your Information : " <<endl;
   cout << "Name of The Student:"<<info.sname<<endl;
   cout << "Marks Obtaind:"<<info.marks<<endl;
   cout << "Result:"<<info.result<<endl;
   return 0;

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