Formatting in HTML

HTML Formatting Element

<BIG> Element In PHP

The <big> element increases the font size by one size increment on the text which is written between <big> and </big>.

<p> This is simple Text but <big> Now This is Some Bigger Text in size </big> This is again normal text </p>

<blink> Element In HTML

When a text appear and the disappear alternately the this process is called blinking of text. The text between <blink> and </blink> will be blink when its open in browser.

For example:


This is simple text <br/>

<blink> This is blinking text </blink>


<center> Element In HTML

<center> tag aligned the text center of the page or center of the cell of table.

For Example:

<center>This is centered</center>
<center>So is this</center>
<center>And this is centered too</center>

The above markup shown as :

This is centered
So is this
And this is centered too

HTML Comments

Comments are used for further description (notes) of HTML code or if you want to make some code ignorable by browser temporarily rather than removing them. These notes will not display in browser window. Comments are also have opening and closing tag.

For example

This is simple text <Comments> This is test line about comments and not display </comments> ok this is end of the line


This is batter that instead of <comments> we use the standard HTML comment syntax of <!-- comment here -->. Where <!-- is starting tag and --> is closing tag.

For example

<!--  This text not show in the browser window -->

<i> element in HTML

The i short from italic. its make the text italic. The text between <i> and </i> will display italic in browser window.

<p> This is simple text<br/>

<i> This is italic text </i>