Hyperlinks In HTML

HTML anchor tags <a>

The HTML anchor tags <a> is used to create a hyperlink in your document. this tutorial will guide you that how we create a link of simple text and images. Hyperlinks are created with an "href" tag .
For example :
Home Page
When user move the cursor over Home Page the arrow will turn into a little hand and when user click on this link then home.html file will be open.

Attribute of Anchor Tag

Hypertext Reference (href)

A href is short from Hypertext Reference which provide linked file address. This address is an valid URL in order to properly redirect a user to a different location. In simple word href is URL where user will navigate to if they click on this link.
<a href="http://www.learninghints.com/">Visit Learning Hints</a> 
This will produced a link Visit learning Hints

Link Targets

Target specify that when user click on any link then where the link file will be open. This may be in same window or new window or any else. Target attribute may have following value:


 Opens new page in a new browser window


   Loads the new page in the current window


 Loads new page into a parent frame


   Loads new page into the current browser window, canceling all frames

For example :
<a href="http://www.learninghints.com/notes.php" target="_blank">Read Notes on Learning Hints</a>
will display
Read Notes on Learning hints
when you click on that link a new then link page open in new window.