Cover Page In MS Word

Inserting a Cover Page in Word 2007

This tutorial help you for making a Cover Image templates for your MS Word Document.


Open New Ms Word Document for this purpose Click on Office button and Select New and Then Select Blank Document.

Now Click On Insert Menu Tab Select Cover Page Select Any Page Layout.

Make some Necessary Changes for example title , Image etc.

Now Select All by pressing (CTRl+A) key from Keyboard.

Now Click on Insert Menu Tab and Select Quick Parts and Select Save Selection as Quick Parts Gallery.

Cover Page

Enter The Information About Your Cover Page for example Name category etc.

Click OK to confirm.

Now next time when you select on Cover Page from Insert Menu Tab then you will see your created cover page name also appear at the top of the list.

When you close this document then Word Ask for save change in building Blocks Click on Yes to Save Changes.