Inserting Multilevel Bullets and Numbering In MS Word

Multilevel Bullets and Numbering In MS Word 2007

In this tutorial you will guide about the function of multilevel bullets and numbering. basically multilevel is a list within the list. For example

Q1. Write a note on The Following:

A. Computer

B. Mobile

C. IPad

Q2. Describe Difference between Bullet and numbering?

In this example Q1 , Q2 is level 1 and A,B,C are level 2. Now we explain the procedure of Creating a multilevel list.

Click on Home Tab from office Ribbon and Click the little arrow on the multilevel List icon in Paragraph Group and the select the Style of multilevel list which you want:

for example : First level with 1,2,3 and second level with A,B,C and third level with I, II, III. you cal also select bullet rather then number.

Multilevel List

You can select any style which you want by clicking on it.

When you click on any style the first level number appear on the Page.

Write some thing and then press Enter Key.

Next number appear on the list as shown in Image below.

Now if you want to move on next level then press Tab key from keyboard or Click on Increase Indent Icon from Paragraph group.

After this level two will start which is a,b,c (as shown in image below)

Multilevel List

After writing all the item on level two again move back to level One (On first level). For this purpose click on Decrease indent icon from paragraph group.

Multilevel List