Facebook News Feed

News Feed In Facebook

In this tutorial we learn about the News Feed in Facebook.

Mostly people ask that What is News Feed?

Simple, When you login on Facebook then first page which is appear is Home page. This page contain the updates from your Friends and the Fan Pages. This page tell you that what are posted by your friends and other fan pages. This is News Feed. So we can say that on Home page all updates are your news feed.

So in new feeds you can see your Friends post status updates, photos, links, and more, those posts will appear as stories in your News Feed.

If you are at home page then You can Select

  • Top Stories

  • Most Recently

Form Right Panel , you will see the option News Feed now click on Little Arrow and select one of Above.

Top Stories is your default option set. when you open home page this page show top stories.Top News shows popular stories from your favorite friends and Pages.

You can also select Most Recently. Most Recent view is used to see all updates from your friends. This view of News Feed also constantly refreshes itself so that you can catch the latest updates.