MS Excel Tutorial About Page Setup

Page Setting and printing In MS Excel

In this tutorials we discus the different option which are taken for page setting and printing.

Page Setup

in the first Step you decide the page orientation. There are two page orientations portrait and landscape. A shown below in images. When we select portrait orientation then if paper size is height 12inch and width 8 inch then the shortest edge of the paper becomes the top of the page. by default page is set as Portrait. If you print in Landscape then longest edge of the paper becomes the top of the page.



The page orientation can be set from Page layout tab menu and then select Orientation from setup group.

Next you can set the margins of your page. Margins define the amount of white space that appears on the top, bottom, left, and right edges of your document. The Margin option on the Page Layout tab provides several standard margin sizes from which you can choose. You can also define margins manually by selecting Custom Margins.

The image below show the complete story.

Paper size is the one of the most important option in page setup. Remember your paper size in soft copy must be the same paper size which you are use in printing. if you have paper A4 size which is 8.27 and 11.69 then you set the page size of your document page setting as A4 size for this purpose select page layout menu tab from ribbon and then select size select any pre define size are set manually by select More paper size

Print Setup

The simplest way to print is:

  • Click the Office button.

  • select Print option.

  • in appearing dialog box click on Print Button.

But you must set some option before printing for example:

Select printer Name: if you have more then one printer install then Must select the printer name which you are going to use for printing. You also set the printer properties by clicking on properties Button.

Printing Range: If your document is several pages then you can print all pages by by Selecting All check box from print Range Oher wise specify the range for example 1 -10 means that you are going to print 1 to 10 pages. You can also specify one page Just typing 1 in pages.

Printing Copies: If you want to print more copies of your page then Select the number of the copy, in copy section. You can also print Entire Work book or some Selected part of you page.

Print Preview: by clicking on Preview button you can see the page preview before print. its show how look you page. When using Print Preview, you can see onscreen how your printed document will look when you set every thing then.

In the end click on ok button for start printing.