CSS Properties

CSS Abbreviated From Cascading Style Sheets, Which Is An External Style Sheet File Which Are Used To Manage And Format You Webpages. With The Help Of CSS File You Can Control More Then One Pages With A Single File. For More About CSS Read This Tutorial.

PHP Booleans

In This Tutorial We Will Learn About Boolean Operator In PHP. True And False These Tow Or Some Special Meaning And Called Boolean Values. True Is Usually Given A Value Of 1 And False Is Given A Value Of Zero. You Can Initialize The Values As :

Formatting Element in HTML

The Element Increases The Font Size By One Size Increment On The Text Which Is Written Between ≪Big≫ And ≪/Big≫. Read More About Big In This Tutorial.

News Feed In Facebook

In this tutorial we learn about the News Feed in Facebook.
Mostly people ask that What is News Feed? Simple, When you login on Facebook then first page which is appear is Home page.
This page contain the updates from your Friends and the Fan Pages. This page tell you that what are posted by your friends and other fan pages. This is News Feed. So we can say that on Home page all updates are your news feed.

Page Setting and printing In MS Excel

In This Tutorial you can learn that how you can setup your page in MS Excel. There are many thing to do before you print your Excel sheet .The first Step you decide the page orientation. There are two page orientations portrait and landscape. Read more.......

Pointer In IN C /C++

In C/C++ Pointers Is A Variable That Stores The Address Of Another Variable. In A Large System, Where Multiple Components Are Layered One On Top Of The Other/Are Interacting Very Closely, It Is Possible To Have Situations Where All The Layers Require Access To A Lot Of Shared Data. Read More.........


Sacnf Function In C Language

In This Tutorials you can learn about scanf function in c language ans also see the how scanf work. This lesson is very useful for basic Lerner. Read more...................

Amazing Windows Short Cut Keys

In this Tutorial we learn about some very important short cut key which help us to control the computer with keyboard.

Delete The Background With Magic wend tool

The Magic Wand tool allows you to select an area of an image based on its color. In This tutorials we delete the background of any image using magic wand tool.
Open the image and make its layer.
Select the magic wand tool in the toolbox. In the options bar, select a Tolerance value (0 to 255). This determines how closely to match colors, higher tolerance means a larger selection. in Our case we set tolerance 20.