Pivot Table In MS Excel

The Excel Pivot table ?is called summarize table which is created form an other complicated table. A pivot table is a great reporting tool that sorts and sums independent of the original data layout in the spreadsheet.
in this tutorials we explain that how a pivot table is created ? and how we summarize, analyze, explore and present your data.


In This Tutorials We Learn About The NOUNS. We Also Learn About The Different Types Of Nouns With Details Examples.

News Feed In Facebook

In this tutorial we learn about the News Feed in Facebook.
Mostly people ask that What is News Feed? Simple, When you login on Facebook then first page which is appear is Home page.
This page contain the updates from your Friends and the Fan Pages. This page tell you that what are posted by your friends and other fan pages. This is News Feed. So we can say that on Home page all updates are your news feed.

While Loop in C Language

In this Tutorial you can learn about While loop in C/C++. This tutorial explain that how we use while loop and how its work. This Tutorial is very helpful for beginner student. Read More..........................

Create Your First Web Page in HTML

This Tutorial Will Guide You That How You Create A Simple Webpage In Html. For A Simple Web Page Just You Have A Simple Text Editor Such As Note Pad Etc. So Open Your Text Editor And Lets Begin. In This Your First Page I Am Going To Use Four Primary Html Tags Read More About This Topic In This Tutorial.

COUNTBLANK Function In MS Excel

The Excel Countblank function is one of the count function in MS excel. The Countblank function count the blank cell in a given range.
The syntax of the function is :

User Define Function IN C /C++

This Tutorial Guide You That How We Will Use User Define Function In C/C++ With The Help Of Syntax And Details Example. Read........

FOR Loop in PHP

In This Tutorial We Will Learn About For Loop In PHP. When We Want To Execute A Statement Or Set Of Statement More Then One Time Then We Use Loop. We Use For Loop Where We Already Know That Ho Many Time These Statements Should Be Execute

AS Keyword In SQL

In This Tutorial We Will Learn About AS Keyword In SQL . In SQL When We Assign The ALIAS To Any Column Or Table Then We Use AS Keyword. Although We Assign The ALIAS With Out AS Keyword But Using As Keyword Is A Explicit Way. Read More About AS Keyword In This Tutorial.

Saving Images for the Web in Adobe Photoshop

When you thinking to upload the image on web then we are very care full about two think. first the size of the image and the quality of the image. we must balance the quality of the graphic and the file size of the media to suit your personal needs because when we working on internet then speed is so importance (for example we every one want quick loading) so in this case we may be give sacrifice some quality of a graphic. Where quality is important, you may need to sacrifice some speed. Read More......