Amazing Windows Short Cut Keys

In this Tutorial we learn about some very important short cut key which help us to control the computer with keyboard.

Difference between duplicate command and The copy command in CorelDRAW

In This Tutorial you learn about duplicate command and copy command in CorelDRAW. When we apply duplicate command on an object its create a copy of the object and places it back into the drawing offset from the original. Read more in this tutorial.

Converting an Image to Black and White In Adobe Photoshop

In This tutorials we discus that how we convert an color photograph in black and white photograph. You can convert full image and also some parts of image. The following procedure is used for this purpose:
Open an image and select that specific part of image which you want to convert in to black and white. if you are going to convert whole image then don't select.
In my this tutorial i am going to convert the whole picture of girl leaving jewelry of the girl in following image.

Rounding The Numbers MS Excel

In Excel there are different way to round the number. The Round function Rounding the decimal value by comparing the number on the Right of Rounding digit. if this digit is grater then 5 then the rounding digit increase one time if not then it remain the same. On the other hand Roundup always increase the number on the right side of the rounding digit one time. where ROUNDDOWN function always leaves the rounding digit unchanged regardless of the value of the number to its right.

Limit a Text Box to Accept Only Numbers In VB 6

In visual basic if want use a text box for input as we now that text boxes are primarily used to receive input from users, or to display text either pre-programmed or from a database source. In Visual Basic it is also possible to limit what type of text input it can accept. or we say that how we Permitted only values in the Textbox.

Things to Do Before Applying for Google Adsense

Privacy Policy: in your Blog Privacy actually describes to your readers about what they will get on your Blog , what they should do and what they should not. You can get help form Privacy Policy Generators ( search on google ). 2. About Us Page This is one of the most important page in you Blog. About page simply tell about you and your Blog to other people. 3. Contact Us Page

Removing scratch from image in Photoshop

in this tutorials we Remove the scratches from the image face with the help of healing Tool.
Open the image which have some scratches.
Now Select The healing tool from tool box or press E key.

PMT() Financial Functions

In this tutorials we are discuses the one of the most important function of MS excel financial function. This function called and use with name of PMT( ) function. This function is used for calculation like that monthly payment amounts on a loan Read More about this function.......


The Header Of An HTML Document Where Information About The Document Is Placed Is Identify By ≪Head≫ And ≪/Head≫ The ≪Head≫ Tag Is A Container For All The Header Elements. Elements Inside ≪Head≫ Can Include Scripts, Instruct The Browser Where To Find Style Sheets, Provide Meta Information, And More. Read More About Attribute In This Tutorial.

Switch Case Statement IN C

In This Tutorial You Can Learn About Switch Case Statement In C/C++. This Tutorial Explain That How We Use Switch Case Structure And How Its Work. This Tutorial Is Very Helpful For Beginner Student. Read More...